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The President and the Prophet




The President & The Prophet:
Obama’s Unusual Encounter with Eric Metaxas


Author: Mark Joseph
Source: National Review – February 7, 2012


Barack Hussein Obama

If the organizers of the national prayer breakfast ever want a sitting president to attend their event again, they need to expect that any leader in his right mind is going to ask — no, demand — that he be allowed to see a copy of the keynote address that is traditionally given immediately before the president’s.

That’s how devastating was the speech given by a little known historical biographer named Eric Metaxas, whose clever wit and punchy humor barely disguised a series of heat-seeking missiles that were sent, intentionally or not, in the commander-in-chief’s direction.

Although Obama began his address directly after Metaxas by saying, “I’m not going to be as funny as Eric but I’m grateful that he shared his message with us,” both his tone and speech itself were flat, and he looked as though he wished he could either crawl into a hole or have a different speech in front of him.

In fact, one could be forgiven for thinking that somehow Metaxas had been given an advance copy of Obama’s talk, then tailored his own to rebut the president’s.

Metaxas, a Yale grad and humor writer who once wrote for the children’s series Veggie Tales, began his speech with several jokes and stole the show early on when he noted that George W. Bush, often accused by his critics of being incurious, had read Metaxas’s weighty tome on the German theologian Bonhoeffer; he then proceeded to hand a copy to the president while intoning: “No pressure.”

Obama has been under pressure for some time now to somehow prove his Christian bonafides, for it’s no secret that millions of Americans doubt his Christian faith. A Pew Poll taken in 2010 found that only one third of Americans identified him as a Christian, and even among African-Americans, 46 percent said they were unsure of what religion he practiced.

Obama came to the prayer breakfast with a tidy speech that was clearly designed to lay those doubts to rest. He spoke of his daily habit of prayer and Bible reading, his regular conversations with preachers like T. D. Jakes and Joel Hunter, and even told a story of the time he prayed over Billy Graham.

But before the president could utter a word, it was Metaxas who delivered a devastating, albeit apparently unintentional critique of such God-talk, recounting his own religious upbringing which he described as culturally Christian yet simultaneously full of “phony religiosity.”

“I thought I was a Christian. I guess I was lost,” he matter-of-factly stated.

Standing no more than five feet from Obama whose binder had a speech chock full of quotes from the Good Book, Metaxas said of Jesus:

“When He was tempted in the desert, who was the one throwing Bible verses at him? Satan. That is a perfect picture of dead religion. Using the words of God to do the opposite of what God does. It’s grotesque when you think about it. It’s demonic.”

“Keep in mind that when someone says ‘I am a Christian’ it may mean absolutely nothing,” Metaxas added for good measure, in case anybody missed his point.

The eerie feeling that Metaxas was answering Obama on a speech he had yet to give continued, as he spoke about the uniqueness of Jesus Christ and the Christian religion. Moments after Metaxas finished his speech and sat down, Obama took great pains to describe the other great religions of the world as mirroring his own Christian faith.
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“I believe in God’s command to ‘love thy neighbor as thyself,’” Obama noted. “I know the version of that Golden Rule is found in every major religion and every set of beliefs — from Hinduism to Islam to Judaism to the writings of Plato.”

Translation: Christianity is great and so are the other major religions, which essentially teach the same stuff.
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“But for me as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus’s teaching that ‘for unto whom much is given, much shall be required,’” he added. “It mirrors the Islamic belief that those who’ve been blessed have an obligation to use those blessings to help others, or the Jewish doctrine of moderation and consideration for others.”

Metaxas, speaking minutes earlier had a radically different take on the centrality of both his Deity and his faith, and although he never put down other faiths, he methodically recounted the story of what motivated the actions of the abolitionist William Wilberforce, noting:

“The reason Wilberforce fought so hard was because around the time of his 25th birthday he encountered Jesus.” He continued, “The idea to care for the poor or that slavery is wrong — these ideas are not normal human ideas, they are Biblical ideas.”


Eric Metaxas

But Metaxas’s most blistering attack, albeit sheathed carefully in good humor and rapier wit, was still to come, for next on his agenda was his careful but dogged determination to link previous attitudes among churchgoers toward slavery and Nazism with those of some present day churchgoers toward abortion. Surrounded by three of the most powerful supporters of the right to choose, Obama, Vice President Biden, and former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi — two Catholics and a Protestant — Metaxas said:

“Wilberfoce suddenly took the Bible seriously that all of us are created in the image of God, to care for the least of these.”

After carefully describing the inhumane treatment of both Jews and Africans by those claiming to be Christians, he asked then answered a question:

“You think you’re better than the Germans of that era? You’re not,” adding: “Whom do we say is not fully human today?”

Promising to come back to that question later, Metaxas then attempted to link his two main points: that Jesus was unique and distinct from all other religions or teachers and that a correct understanding of his role would lead to a correct view on what Metaxas considered to be the defining issues of today as well as eras gone by:

“I would say the same thing about the unborn. Apart from God we cannot see that they are persons. So those of us who know the unborn to be human beings are commanded by God to love those who do not yet see. We need to know that apart from God we would be on the other side of that divide, fighting for what we believe is right.”

By the time he wrapped up his speech with a rendition of Amazing Grace, one got the feeling that this was a modern-day, and perhaps more humorous version, of what Old Testament prophets regularly did to Kings of Israel: deliver brutally honest messages from Yahweh with little regard for their personal safety. Only this time, there were no beheadings, only the difficult-to-watch spectacle of seeing a president forced to uncomfortably read a speech which had just been shredded to pieces by a man who couldn’t possibly have known what was coming. And as he did so, the audience in that room likely left with Metaxas’s four-word condemnation, intentional or not, of the 44th president of the United States ringing in their ears:

“God is not fooled.”

Still, throughout his speech, Metaxas seemed to dangle a carrot in front of the president, seeming to beg him to reconsider his stands on various issues by coming to a different view, Metaxas’s own, of the centrality and uniqueness of the man whom Christians like Metaxas regularly sing about in church as having the “name above all names.”

“How did they see what they saw?” Metaxas asked of those who bucked the religion of their times and took strong stands against slavery and Nazism. “There’s just one word that will answer that. It’s Jesus. He opens our eyes to his ideas which are different from our own.”
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Mark Joseph is a producer, author and publisher of His most recent books are: Wild Card: The Promise & Peril of Sarah Palin and The Lion, The Professor & The Movies: Narnia’s Journey To The Big Screen. His latest film Doonby, opens on February 17th.





President Doofus


Author: Monty Pelerin
Source: American Thinker – 10.22.2014



Doofus is an unusual but appropriate appellation for President Barack Hussein Obama.

What Is A Doofus?

“Doofus” is slang referring to a boob, for which the thesaurus lists the following synonyms — idiot, nitwit, dunce, fathead, fool, goof, goon, imbecile, jerk.

Some might argue that these synonyms may be inapplicable. Perhaps, but a diminishing percentage would argue that none are applicable. Such a characterization of the president five years ago might have seemed radical or harsh. Even the few who felt that way are probably surprised at the incomparable ineptness of Obama and his Administration.

Our current situation should not surprise. There is a reason that any properly run organization requires qualifications for each job. Experience matters. No one hires a car mechanic to perform brain surgery. Why should it be a surprise when a “community organizer” is incapable of performing successfully as president?

What Happens When A Doofus Is Elected?

In comparison to Obama, the hapless Jimmy Carter looks like Jack Welch or Peter Drucker, both legendary in the field of management. Our unfortunate real-life version of Chauncy Gardner is increasingly seen as Chance the Gardener, although one wonders whether he would do any better in that position.

All of this may be good for Jimmy Carter but terrible for the country! The reality of how bad things truly are is now known. A Politico poll suggests that a majority of the public now understands. Breitbart highlighted the findings (my italics):

The poll, which surveyed states and districts in the most competitive congressional races, found that 64% of Americans believe “things in the U.S. feel like they are out of control right now.”

Specifically, the poll found that 84% of voters believe the Islamic State (ISIS) represents a “serious” threat to America. Just 12% said ISIS terrorists do not pose a serious threat.

On the issue of Obamacare, the poll found that 57% of Americans believe their health care costs will increase, and just 7% believe that Obamacare will do as President Barack Obama claimed and reduce personal costs.

Politico’s poll also found Obama slightly trailing former President George W. Bush on managerial effectiveness. When asked “Which President do you believe was more effective at managing the basic functions of the federal government?” 38% said George W. Bush, 35% said Obama, and 26% answered “both about the same.”

More Democrats consider Obama an albatross and refuse to acknowledge him or appear with him. He is limping through the remainder of his presidency sans friends and supporters. Wes Pruden described the situation:

Rarely if ever has a presidency dissolved so dramatically, so quickly, and with his approval hovering at 40 percent and threatening to sink lower, Mr. Obama has no capital left if he knew how to spend it. Some of his most loyal followers and reliable liege men won’t even admit to having ever voted for him when everybody knows they did.

There is probably no better national example of “familiarity breeds contempt.”

Obama’s hard-core base even appears to be fed up with their once Wunderkind. An example occurred over the weekend where people left the venue when he began to speak. Guy Benson colorfully contrasted Obama’s change of fortune:

In 2008, they were passing out. In 2014, they’re walking out.

Most Democrat politicians consider Obama toxic and refuse to appear with him. Polls confirm their judgment of which way the wind was blowing. Obama’s declining popularity with women caused Tina Brown, an icon of the liberal left, to declare that women no longer feel safe with Obama in charge. (Will the left now claim Tina Brown is a racist?) When you lose Tina Brown, who is left?

No Surprise

This outcome was predictable. In Flim Flam Man the following was taken from a post on this website in March of this year:

Politics loves winners and hates losers. Winners are loved because they can be used to advance a cause or a career. Losers are useless and rejected as soon as they are recognized as such. Politics abandons its wounded.

Barack Obama was a winner, an extraordinary one. He is now a loser, and just as extraordinary a one. The Democrats have little more use for him, but are bound to him like a prisoner is to a ball and chain. They would like to abandon him but may not have the means to do so that don’t redound unfavorably on them and their brand.

The cost of supporting Obama is now greater than the cost of abandoning him.

The cover-up for Obama is over. The man and his Administration are completely incompetent, so much so that most Democrats and media no longer try to defend him. Both are running from him as fast as they dare. The reluctance to abandon him earlier is understandable. Abandoning a President, particularly one of your own Party or one that you helped put in office, is difficult. Doing so can be dangerous. No one wants to be the first to embark on such a path.

Waiting too long is also dangerous. Many previous supporters act as if they know they waited too long. As a result, both politicians and media now appear to be climbing over each other to get off the sinking Obama ship. It as if someone yelled “Fire” in a Democrat National Convention.

Now Where?

The proximity of the mid-terms obviously motivated politicians running for office. But so did the Obama Administration’s continued “conga line of screw-ups” as described by Republican consultant Mike Murphy.

The highlight of Obama’s presidency was the passage of ObamaCare. Unfortunately that legislation was rife with lies, cost increases and unnecessary complexity. As renewal premiums come due later this year and next year, this signature legislation will become even more unpopular and unworkable. History will not view this “accomplishment” favorably.

The litany of Obama’s failures is long and need not be repeated here. His lack of integrity and the flaunting of the Constitution and Rule of Law are hopefully recorded by historians. If they are not, then it means the country remains on its current course.

Without a change in course and the philosophy of government, future presidents will institutionalize Obama’s character flaws, lack of integrity and continue to plunder the Rule of Law. Tyranny and the rule of man will replace what historian Paul Johnson described as “the greatest of all human adventures.”

It is difficult to be optimistic regarding the future. If the Republicans win the Senate, little will change. The speed at which we go toward the cliff might be tempered. While that may appeal to some, it doesn’t change the outcome. It is the height of the cliff that kills, not the speed at which the vehicle goes off it.

The Benefits of A Republican Win

A Republican win might have value in one regard. It might reveal the fraud that government has become. Politics without constraint is little different than being ruled by the Mafia. Whether you have a Republican or Democrat Don does change the objective. Both are predators.

Regardless of the difference in marketing strategies, both will pillage the populace. They will take all they can. It will take such a realization to galvanize the necessary reaction. Better that come sooner rather than later when the social costs might be unimaginable.

The next two years will be tumultuous, especially if the Republicans win the Senate. Obama’s ineptness and pathologies will continue and likely worsen when he understands how unpopular and ineffective he has been. It is difficult to predict whether he will react rationally to such a realization.

No one will be angrier at Obama than his fellow Democrats. He has diminished their futures, the presidency and perhaps the Democratic Party itself. If there is a move for impeachment, which is doubtful, it will be initiated by the Democrats. Such an act would be motivated by crass political self-interest and not principle.

Buckle up! The ride ahead will not be smooth regardless of the election outcome.

Prophecy Alert: Pestilence and Disease


So they asked Him, saying, “Messiah, but when will these things be? And what sign will there be when these things are about to take place?”
And He said: “Take heed that you not be deceived. For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am He,’ and, ‘The time has drawn near.’ Therefore do not go after them. But when you hear of wars and commotions, do not be terrified; for these things must come to pass first, but the end will not come immediately.”
Then He said to them, “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.
Luke 21:7-11 NKJV

There Will Be Pestilences: Why Are So Many Deadly Diseases Breaking Out All Over The Globe Right Now?

Author: Michael Snyder
Source: the Economic Collapse blog – 10.06.2014



Ebola, Marburg, Enterovirus and Chikungunya – these diseases were not even on the radar of most people coming into 2014, but now each one of them is making headline news. So why is this happening? Why are so many deadly diseases breaking out all over the world right now? Is there some kind of a connection, or is the fact that so many horrible diseases are arising all at once just a giant coincidence? And this could be just the beginning. For example, there are now more than a million cases of Chikungunya in Central and South America, and authorities are projecting that there will be millions more in 2015. The number of Ebola cases continues to grow at an exponential rate, and now an even deadlier virus (Marburg) has broken out in Uganda. We have gone decades without experiencing a major worldwide pandemic, and many people believed that it could never happen in our day and time. But now we could potentially see several absolutely devastating diseases all racing across the planet at the same time.

On Monday, we got news that the first confirmed case of Ebola transmission in Europe has happened. A nurse in Spain that had treated a couple of returning Ebola patients has contracted the disease herself

A nurse’s assistant in Spain is the first person known to have contracted Ebola outside of Africa in the current outbreak.

Spanish Health Minister Ana Mato announced Monday that a test confirmed the assistant has the virus.

The woman helped treat a Spanish missionary and a Spanish priest, both of whom had contracted Ebola in West Africa. Both died after returning to Spain.

Health officials said she developed symptoms on September 30. She was not hospitalized until this week. Her only symptom was a fever.

How many people did she spread the virus to before it was correctly diagnosed?

Meanwhile, Ebola continues to rage out of control in West Africa. It is being reported that Sierra Leone just added 121 new Ebola deaths to the overall death toll in a single day. If Ebola continues to spread at an exponential rate, it is inevitable that more people will leave West Africa with the virus and take it to other parts of the globe.

In fact, it was being reported on Monday that researchers have concluded that there is “a 50 percent chance” that Ebola could reach the UK by October 24th

Experts have analysed the pattern of the spread of the disease, along with airline traffic data, to make the startling prediction Ebola could reach Britain by October 24.

They claim there is a 50 percent chance the virus could hit Britain by that date and a 75 percent chance the it could be imported to France, as the deadliest outbreak in history spreads across the world.

Currently, there is no cure for the disease, which has claimed more than 3,400 lives since March and has a 90 percent fatality rate.

I have written extensively about Ebola, but it is certainly not the only virus making headlines right now.

Down in Uganda, a man has just died from a confirmed case of the Marburg Virus

A man has died in Uganda’s capital after an outbreak of Marburg, a highly infectious haemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola, authorities said on Sunday, adding that a total of 80 people who came into contact with him had been put under quarantine.

Marburg starts with a severe headache followed by haemorrhaging and leads to death in 80% or more of cases in about nine days. It is from the same family of viruses as Ebola, which has killed thousands in West Africa in recent months.

There is no vaccine or specific treatment for the Marburg virus, which is transmitted through bodily fluids such as saliva and blood or by handling infected wild animals such as monkeys.

The Marburg Virus is an absolutely horrible disease, and many consider it to be even more deadly than Ebola. But the fact that it kills victims so quickly may keep it from spreading as widely as Ebola.

We shall see.

Meanwhile, a disease that sounds very similar to Ebola and Marburg has popped up in Venezuela and doctors down there do not know what it is…

“We do not know what it is,” admitted Duglas León Natera, president of the Venezuelan Medical Federation.

In its initial stages, the disease presents symptoms of fever and spots on the skin, and then produces large blisters and internal and external bleeding, according to data provided week stop by the College of Physicians of the state of Aragua, where the first cases were reported.

Then, very quickly, patients suffer from respiratory failure, liver failure and kidney failure. Venezuelan doctors have not been able to determine what the disease is, much less how to fight it.

Why aren’t we hearing more about this in the mainstream news?

Here in the United States, enterovirus D-68 has sickened hundreds of children all over the country. So far cases have been confirmed in 43 different states, several children have been paralyzed by it, and one New Jersey boy has died

Parents in New Jersey are concerned after a state medical examiner determined a virus causing severe respiratory illness across the country is responsible for the death of a 4-year-old boy.

Hamilton Township health officer Jeff Plunkett said the Mercer County medical examiner’s office found the death of Eli Waller was the result of enterovirus D-68. Waller, the youngest of a set of triplets, died in his sleep at home on Sept. 25.

The virus has sickened more than 500 people in 43 states and Washington, D.C.— almost all of them children. Waller is the first death in New Jersey directly linked to the virus.

The CDC seems to have no idea how to contain the spread of enterovirus D-68.

So why should we be confident that they will be able to contain the spread of Ebola?

Last but not least, the Chikungunya virus is at pandemic levels all over Central and South America.

We aren’t hearing that much about this disease in the U.S., but at this point more than a million people have already been infected…

An excruciating mosquito-borne illness that arrived less than a year ago in the Americas is raging across the region, leaping from the Caribbean to the Central and South American mainland, and infecting more than 1 million people. Some cases already have emerged in the United States.

The good news is that very few people actually die from this disease.

The bad news is that almost everyone that gets it feels like they are dying.

In a previous article, I wrote about the intense suffering that victims go through. According to Slate, the name of this virus originally “comes from a Makonde word meaning ‘that which bends up,’ referring to the contortions sufferers put themselves through due to intense joint pain.”

Right now, the number of cases of Chikungunya is absolutely exploding. Just check out the following excerpt from a recent Fox News report

In El Salvador, health officials report nearly 30,000 suspected cases, up from 2,300 at the beginning of August, and hospitals are filled with people with the telltale signs of the illness, including joint pain so severe it can be hard to walk.

“The pain is unbelievable,” said Catalino Castillo, a 39-year-old seeking treatment at a San Salvador hospital. “It’s been 10 days and it won’t let up.”

Venezuelan officials reported at least 1,700 cases as of Friday, and the number is expected to rise. Neighboring Colombia has around 4,800 cases but the health ministry projects there will be nearly 700,000 by early 2015.

So why is this happening?

Why are so many absolutely horrible diseases emerging all at once?

America’s Tyranny Threshold




America’s Tyranny Threshold


Author: Eileen F. Toplansky
Source: American Thinker – 8.19.2013




As he finishes up his Martha’s Vineyard vacation, Barack Obama would be well-served to recall the fiery words of Jonathan Mayhew, who is famous for his sermons “espousing American rights — the cause of liberty, and the right and duty to resist tyranny.”

Mayhew, born at Martha’s Vineyard on October 8, 1720, was “bitterly opposed to the Stamp Act and urged colonial liberties.” Though he did not live to see the American Revolution (he died on July 9, 1766), his “sermons and writing were a powerful influence in the development of the movement for liberty and independence.”

And they need to be revisited as the Obama presidency continues its legacy of lawlessness.
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First published in Boston in 1750, “A Discourse concerning the unlimited submission and non-resistance to the high powers” was a sermon delivered on the 100th anniversary of the execution of Charles I. It was so powerful that it was published in London in 1752 and again in 1767. In fact, this sermon was the “first volley of the American Revolution, setting forth the intellectual and scriptural justification for rebellion against the Crown.”

The following words from the Discourse fly off the page in light of the continuing unconstitutional acts of President Obama.

“Civil tyranny is usually small in its beginning, like ‘the drop in a bucket,’ till at length, like a mighty torrent of raging waves of the sea, it bears down all before it and deluges whole countries and empires.”

Although the president cannot write or rewrite laws, this president thinks he is above the law. The “entire system of separation of powers … is designed to limit governmental power,” but Mr. Obama continually makes it clear “that he won’t respect these basic constitutional limits on his power.”

“Tyranny brings ignorance and brutality along with it. It degrades men from their just rank into the class of brutes. It dampens their spirits. It suppresses arts. It extinguishes every spark of noble ardor and generosity in the breasts of those who are enslaved by it.”

And American young people are being dampened in their enthusiasm for their futures because of the actions emanating from this White House. A millennial caller on the Rush Limbaugh radio show recently made the astonishing comment that her generation is being told there is no hope for the future. Like the serfs of the feudal system, young people in Obama’s America “are predestined to misery and failure,” because they no longer have “any free will,” and only the government can provide and coddle this generation because upward mobility is no longer possible. The Horatio Alger belief in hard work bringing rewards is being destroyed by this administration as it deliberately burdens generations of Americans, some not even born.

Thank you, Mr. Obama, for $17 trillion in debt, increasing unemployment, prohibitions against genuine American energy-independence, and onerous regulations on critical aspects of life.

“[Civil tyranny] makes naturally strong and great minds feeble and little and triumphs over the ruins of virtue and humanity. This is true of tyranny in every shape. There can be nothing great and good where its influence reaches.”

Concerning ObamaCare alone, Obama’s tyranny has grown incrementally. Delaying provisions of the ACA law does not lie within the purview of the executive branch. This authority is with the Congress. But we have a president who has repeatedly stated that he “can do this without Congress.” In April Obama “delayed a provision…to cap out-of- pocket health care costs.” He also decided to delay the employer mandate for a year. This exceeds his authority. The president continues to ignore the court’s ruling that his National Labor Relations Board recess appointments were unconstitutional since they were not approved by Congress.

Further acts by the Obama administration that are inconsistent with the laws of America include:

- This administration was displeased with Congress’s failure to enact the DREAM Act. So in 2012 he “implemented portions of legislation he could not get through Congress … and acted in ways blatantly at odds with the existing immigration laws [.]“
– Concerning the “No Child Left Behind” law, Obama, “unable to convince Congress to revise key provisions of the law, simply authorized waivers from many requirements of the law — except that the ‘No Child Left Behind’ does not provide for such waivers.”
– Furthermore, Obama waived a “central tenet of the Clinton welfare-reform law” by eliminating the requirements that recipients of welfare either work or prepare to do so through approved education or training. This federal work requirement is not subject to waiver, but Obama ignored the law.
– More recently, Obama is working “to unilaterally impose a tax on cell phones,” maintaining that “where Congress is unwilling to act, I will take whatever administrative steps that I can in order to do right by the American people.” But “[c]onstitutionally, it’s Congress that decides how federal funds should be spent.” Yet this president uses his bully pulpit to circumvent the proper safeguards that the Founding Fathers built into our system.

In 1765, with the Stamp Act fresh in everyone’s mind, Mayhew stated that the “essence of slavery, consists in subjection to others — ‘whether many, few, or but one, it matters not.'”

Thus, he wrote:

“Those nations who are now groaning under the iron scepter of tyranny were once free. So they might probably have remained by a seasonable caution against despotic measures.”

Though “seasonable caution” is being heard in the country, there are still Americans who do not sense the looming danger that this president represents as he ignores the Constitution, appoints people who continue to break the law with impunity, and has overweening contempt for America and her ideas and ideals. He flouts the law as he sees fit.

Mayhew asserts:

“Since magistrates who execute their office well, are common benefactors to society; and may, in that respect, be properly stiled the ministers and ordinance of God; and since they are constantly employed in the service of the public; it becomes you to pay them tribute and custom; and to reverence, honor, and submit to, them in the execution of their respective offices.” This is apparently good reasoning. But does this argument conclude for the duty of paying tribute, custom, reverence, honor and obedience, to such persons as (although they bear the title of rulers) use all their power to hurt and injure the public?”


“For what can be more absurd than an argument thus framed?. Common tyrants, and public oppressors, are not entitled to obedience from their subjects[.]“

Although he was writing with reference to the oppressiveness of the kingly or monarchical government, Mayhew reminds his readers that:

“The essence of government (I mean good government); ….consists in the making and executing of good laws — laws attempered to the common felicity of the governed. And if this be, in fact, done, it is evidently, in it self, a thing of no consequence at all, what the particular form of government is; — whether the legislative and executive power be lodged in one and the same person, or in different persons; — whether in one person, whom we call an absolute monarch; — whether in a few, so as to constitute an aristocracy; — whether in many, so as to constitute a republic; or whether in three co-ordinate branches, in such manner as to make the government partake something of each of these forms; and to be, at the same time, essentially different from them all. If the endYour text goes here be attained, it is enough.”

But he reminds his readers:

“…nothing can well be imagined more directly contrary to common sense, than to suppose that millions of people should be subjected to the arbitrary, precarious pleasure of one single man; (who has naturally no superiority over them in point of authority) so that their estates, and every thing that is valuable in life, and even their lives also, shall be absolutely at his disposal, if he happens to be wanton and capricious enough to demand them. What unprejudiced man can think, that God made ALL to be thus subservient to the lawless pleasure and frenzy of ONE, so that it shall always be a sin to resist him!”




Continuing regulations emanate from this White House on a daily basis. We will soon have no control over our health decisions; businesses are being burdened in oppressive ways. IRS and NSA scandals are nonchalantly described as “phony scandals.”

A man who has no shame has no right to be a leader. Obama has abused the trust of the American people.

“But it is equally evident, upon the other hand, that those in authority may abuse their trust and power to such a degree, that neither the law of reason, nor of religion, requires, that any obedience or submission should be paid to them: but, on the contrary, that they should be totally discardedYour text goes here; and the authority which they were before vested with, transferred to others, who may exercise it more to those good purposes for which it is given[.]“

We already have the necessary means to resist the assault on our republic. But we must be unrelenting in demanding that the Congress meet its obligations and restore the checks and balances our Founding Fathers created. If legislators do not adhere to the Constitution, they have no right to be in Washington, D.C.

Certainly Obama has taken on the trappings of an emperor, despite his protestations, but are we not obliged to resist? He has broken the pledge to uphold the Constitution. He has been derelict in his duty. The National Black Republican Association (NBRA) has filed articles of impeachment against Barack Obama. And other calls for impeachment are increasing.

It was with “unfeigned love” for his country that Mayhew wrote. In his sermon entitled “The Snare Broken,” he wrote of the joy that Americans felt when Great Britain repealed the onerous Stamp Act in March 1766. However, on the same day, “Parliament passed the Declaratory Acts, asserting that the British government had free and total legislative power over the colonies.” Mayhew died less than two months after this event, and, though eminently prescient, he was not privy to the continuing intrusions of Great Britain into America’s well-being that ultimately led to the American Revolution.

Will we take to heart these words of Mayhew, or will we, too, “groan under the iron scepter of tyranny” in the not too distant future?



O America, Where Art Thou?









Author: Rita Peck
Source: Rapture Ready

As each day passes, I sadly watch as this once great nation slides down that awful path to God’s judgment and ultimate destruction, and my soul weeps for her. A nation that was once the light to the world:

“Bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside their golden door!”
- Engraved on the Statue of Liberty

A nation where you are free to worship God without persecution, without fear, in a nation blessed by God Himself!

That is now a thing of the past.

Every day brings more and more unbelievable revelations of a nation turning its back on God, giving us our own version of “shock and awe” (and not in a good way). Homosexuality is now the preferred lifestyle condoned and promoted by our very own government; the level of greed amongst individuals and corporations is staggering; people are meaner to each other than ever before; and the words coming out of people’s mouths is more vile and disgusting than I ever remember.

Gone are wonderful, entertaining shows like “The Andy Griffith Show” and “The Walton’s,” being replaced by disgusting and repulsive shows like: “2 Broke Girls” and “Two and a Half Men.”

Our country is the number one producer and distributor of pornography in the world but there is no outcry. There is no outrage. And the list just keeps on going.

But then I woke up this morning to a new revelation that gave me goose bumps and made me sick to my stomach. The headlines read: “Pentagon May Court Martial Soldiers Who Share Christian Faith” ( article 1 May 2013).

Are you kidding me?

According to this report, the Pentagon has released a statement confirming this.

Not only could soldiers be prosecuted for sharing their faith, they could also be prosecuted for merely expressing their faith. This would also apply to military chaplains if they dare to share their faith with others. Isn’t that their job? What if someone sneezes? Would they get ten to twenty years hard labor in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas if they say “God bless you?” Forgive me, I’m not trying to trivialize this, but this is about as absurd as I have ever heard.
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I served in the United States Air Force for 24 years and I was honored to have served my country for that time. I sacrificed a lot for God and country, for our way of life, to do my part to help ensure freedom would always ring on these shores in a country created and blessed by none other than the Creator of the universe!




But I don’t recognize our country or our military any longer. Things are changing and they are changing fast. A friend of mine has a daughter serving in the United States Army. They are indoctrinating them, if you will, to believe that Israel is the root cause of all the problems in the Middle East and that the Palestinians are a persecuted people due to the terrorist tactics perpetrated on them by the Israeli’s. It truly boggles the mind.
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It saddens me to see what is happening in this country, but then I also know one great thing. God is in control! It is called the “sovereignty” of God and there is nothing He does not have absolute control over. He does what He pleases when He pleases, all for His glory!

“… Surely, just as I have intended, so it has happened, and just as I have planned, so it will stand” (Isaiah 14:24).

“Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things which have not been done, saying, ‘My purpose will be established, and I will accomplish all my good pleasure’” (Isaiah 46:10).

“It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings …” (Daniel 2:21).

I find great comfort in knowing God is in control and as immoral and sinful as this country is and knowing how immoral and sinful this country will become, it will all be done exactly as God planned for His glory! If this is the day that Jesus calls us all home, I say even so, come quickly!

I give warning to our government and to our citizens: beware!

God will not be mocked. We are without a doubt headed for destruction.
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“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness” (Isaiah 5:20).

“The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, and the Lord will by no means leave the guilty unpunished” (Nahum 1:3).

But also…

“…And if My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

It may be too late for that but one thing is sure. God loves you and He died for your sins. Don’t miss the greatest event to happen in human history since Christ’s death and resurrection: it’s called The Rapture.

You think things are bad now, just wait.

This is nothing.



Be saved and miss hell on earth!!

Read And Vote In November


This message was originally published on November 23, 2012 – after Barack Hussein Obama was elected for a second term. The message is still quite timely, especially in light of the ever hastening downward spiral of our nation’s spiritual condition. Please read this message and remember it when you vote this November.

A Thanksgiving Message for Richmond, VA



As Obama and his 23 Marxist style czars (accountable to no one but him) and Executive Orders (which overrule acts of Congress) continue to drive America over the cliff to destruction in order that the true Marxist state can rise out of the ashes, we are told by God to “in everything give thanks.”

I looked for how I could do this. As I meditated on this, I understood that God has confirmed that His Word is true by the results of this election. He allowed the hearts of the voters to do the unthinkable and reelect the one who has brought so much destruction to America already.
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He sent the storm which changed 14% of the votes to Obama, as he looked “presidential.”

God waited 50 years for Christians to take a stand and stop the downward spiral as He was rejected, first through Roe vs Wade and then a systematic removal of Him from every area of public life; all without protest.

God has finally, after these 50 years of mercy and grace, said “enough is enough. My Name will be honored!” Some prayed earnestly for restoration in this election. But God said in the Old Testament that even though Moses and Daniel (Jeremiah 15:1) asked Him to spare Israel, He would not. He said His wrath was full because they had replaced the worship of Him with idolatry. I believe America is in that state. We “worship” everything but God.

He said “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.” We Americans have expunged Him from our Nation’s life. He is no longer Lord of Lords.

He said He will not tolerate “The shedding of innocent blood…” We have murdered 55,000,000 babies in the womb. (This election was decided by women whose one objective was to have the right to abort their babies.)


We also redefined marriage from His standard. He said, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” We have blasphemed Him and His Name without fear of retribution. We have defined God as a patsy who just loved us no matter and was our “good buddy upstairs.” His Name is cursed millions of times a day.
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He said, “To whom much is given, much is required.” We have repaid the gift of His Word with a refusal to even read it. We have tolerated our churches as they preached a social gospel, instead of Christ and the Cross. We have removed prayer and the Bible from our public life and schools.

We have taught evolution that worships time and gives credit to so-called science, instead of our Omnipotent Creator who clearly related to us how this world and we began.
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We have removed the Ten Commandments from our schools, leaving our students with no direction as to right and wrong and who God is and how He would have them live.

He said, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.” We are about to experience “payday” for our rejection of His Word and Name, which He honors above all else. He said, “You shall reap what you sow.”

We have sown sin in every form, without repentance, and will reap the death of our Nation. “Sin when it is conceived brings forth death.”

He said, “If you bless Israel, I will bless you.” We have rejected Israel and our leader has preferred the pagan U.N. and Muslims who hate Israel.
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GOD has shown to us that He is not a wimp who will continue to be blasphemed. He will remove His blessing from us. May God have some measure of mercy as America reelected a leader who rejects the truths of God’s Word and even expunged God’s Name and Israel from his platform.

May the sufferings that America is about to endure lead us to trust Christ for our eternal life and a wonderful future in heaven, far removed from the trials down here. God is demonstrating to us that He is to be feared and His Word is true. God is not the God of “cheap-grace” and sentimental love that the current seeker-friendly churches would have you believe He is and I thank Him that He will be proving that to our pagan Nation, where so many “Christians” didn’t even bother to vote for His principles.
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We have also rejected God’s precious gift on the Cross where Jesus died that horrible death for our sins. “The payment for sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever would believe in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.”
John 3:16

“He who has the Son has life, and he who does not have the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God is on him.”
John 3:36


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Cowardice, Wendy Davis, and Late-Term Abortion




The Cowardice of Wendy Davis


Author: Jonah Goldberg
Source: National Review – 1.31.2014

Passionate advocates of unrestricted abortion aren’t willing to talk about, well, abortion.




Wendy Davis, a Democratic state senator running to replace Rick Perry as governor of Texas, owes her political stardom to two things: a pair of pink sneakers and her unstinting support for a woman’s right to terminate a late-term pregnancy in a substandard clinic. Yay, feminism!
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Last year, Davis led an eleven-hour filibuster — that’s where the sneakers came in handy — to block legislation that would ban abortion after 20 weeks and require abortion clinics to meet the same standards that hospital-style surgical centers do.

This was all going on against the backdrop of the sensational Kermit Gosnell case in Pennsylvania. Gosnell ran a bloody, filthy “clinic” where he performed late-term abortions with a barbarity you’d expect to find in a Saw movie. Sometimes he’d “snip” the spines of fully-delivered babies with a pair of scissors. His instruments were so unsanitary that some women got STDs from them. Cat feces was a common sight on the procedure-room floors.
[Related Article: Mainstream Media Ignores Mass Murder Trial]

In short, you didn’t need to be an abortion-rights activist to find the story of interest, but you’d certainly expect an activist to be up to speed on it.

Working on that theory, The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack caught up with Davis last August to ask her a few questions.

McCormack noted that once you got past the squalor and filth of the clinic, Gosnell’s illegal late-term abortions weren’t all that different from legal late-term abortions in other states. “What is the difference . . . ,” McCormack asked, “between legal abortion at 23 weeks and what Gosnell did? Do you see a distinction between those two [acts]?”

“I don’t know what happened in the Gosnell case,” Davis replied. “But I do know that it happened in an ambulatory surgical center. And in Texas changing our clinics to that standard obviously isn’t going to make a difference.”

She should have stopped with “I don’t know what happened in the Gosnell case” — because in the words of the grand-jury report, the “abhorrent conditions and practices inside Gosnell’s clinic [were] directly attributable to the Pennsylvania Health Department’s refusal to treat abortion clinics as ambulatory surgical facilities.”
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So the one thing she claimed to know wasn’t true. Also, what curious incuriosity. If you were suddenly a national leader on an issue you felt passionately about, wouldn’t you want to know what happened in a case that cuts to the heart of your cause?

Not Davis. Her time is better spent denouncing the ignorance of women who disagree with her. When McCormack asked what to make of the fact that a majority of American women support a ban on late-term abortions, Davis responded, “I again think that a lot of people don’t really understand the landscape of what’s happening in that arena today.”

Think about that. In the course of a short conversation, she revealed that she didn’t know what she was talking about while casually dismissing the majority of American women who disagreed with her as not knowing what they’re talking about.
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Let’s fast-forward to 2014. Davis was recently interviewed by Jorge Ramos of Fusion TV. He asked her, “When does life start? When does a human being become one?”

Davis answered with a non-answer: “You know, the Supreme Court of course has answered this decision, in terms of what our protections are.” Blah blah blah.

Tom Bevan of RealClearPolitics slammed Davis for being “too cowardly to give a straight answer, let alone a thoughtful one, to a straightforward question that goes to the heart of a matter she has made the signature issue of her political life.”

I agree. But Davis is merely at the forefront of the cowardice epidemic. On the anniversary of Roe v. Wade earlier this month, President Obama couldn’t bring himself to say the word “abortion,” preferring instead virtually every poll-tested buzzword. Indeed, in all of the “war on women” noise, abortion is almost always wrapped in the velvety euphemisms of “women’s health” and “reproductive choice.”
[Related Article: Deconstructing Roe vs. Wade]

It should tell you something when passionate advocates of unrestricted abortion are so uncomfortable talking about . . . abortion.

Perhaps all of the rage abortion extremists aim at their opponents is cover for a deep insecurity — maybe psychological, definitely political — about the reality of what they are defending. Senator Barbara Boxer (D., Calif.) once said that life begins “when you bring your baby home” from the hospital. That is not very far from Wendy Davis’s position. But she doesn’t want to say that — certainly not in Texas! Better to change the subject to the evils of her opponents and — hey — have you seen my sneakers?
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